Roberto Carlos Pre-Season Fan Pass - Emerald

Roberto Carlos Pre-Season Fan Pass - Emerald

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The Roberto Carlos Pre-Season Fan Pass is the key to unlocking incredible experiences and merchandise for passionate fans of Roberto Carlos, Real Madrid, the Brazil National Team, and the beautiful game! Owners of these limited edition passes receive access to the following:
  • Private access to the Roberto Carlos Discord channel, hosted by StarCard Sports Games. This is a place where owners of the Roberto Carlos Fan Pass can engage with each other and share their love for RC3! Roberto Carlos will join in the Discord with his own updates and banter.
  • Access to live AMAs (Ask Me Anything - interviews) with RC3 himself.
  • Weekly live drawings for signed memorabilia - including balls, jerseys, and more!
  • Weekly live drawings for Real Madrid match tickets

Note, Legend Pre-Season Fan Passes are delivered as NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens). NFTs are tokens that we can use to represent ownership of unique items. Upon purchase, you will receive email instructions on how to receive and redeem your NFT. 

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Social Good

Palla donates an equivalent item to a child playing in TapIn leagues in developing nations every time we sell that item in North America. You can bring the joy of the beautiful game to a boy or girl in Haiti, Uganda, Kenya, or Tanzania just by buying a Palla product!